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Engineered for your Dog

Climate Controlled Dog House


Safety and Comfort for your Pet


A/C, Heating and Drinking water


More Options to choose from..

Now in multiple color options

Red, White, Blue and your choice of multiple wrap options. Let us know when you call.


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Welcome to Asher Pet Products, where we strive to create products that provide your pet with a comfortable and relaxing experience in their own living space.

The Climate Controlled Dog House is a great option, allowing you to leave your dog outside for extended periods of time. Features are:

  • The ability to protect your dog from harsh weather.
  • No need to cool or heat your entire home.
  • Protects you from a home alone dog.
  • Your dog can relax outdoors for long periods in all weather.
  • No need to rush home to for potty breaks.

Our Climate Controlled Smart House, solves this problem, by maintaining perfect conditions in your Pets’ own living space at a fraction of the cost.

The standard product comes with an air conditioning unit that can be set to a comfortable temperature. The A/C unit then goes into economy mode to only turn on when needed.

Cooling from a very hot day to a comfortable temperature happens very quickly, so you can rest assured that your pet will always be comfortable.

The flip side of cooling is heating and we also provide a heater that can be set to a temperature to protect against extreme cold as well.

Along with all the aforementioned features is included an automatic drinking water system. Just hook up a hose to the provided hose attachment and you are good to go.

This standard baseline set of features comes with every pet home we sell.

If you would like to add more options, there is an ever expanding list of options that can be pre-installed at the factory. Additionally, each option is made to be easy to self install if you already have the base product at your home and want to add on to it.


Click on the following video for an introduction

Choose from our options

We currently offer the following optional add-ons that can be pre-installed before delivery. Feel free to click on each one for more details.


1080p Home camera

HiDef / WiFi

Wide angle

2 way audio

Apple / Google app

and more..

Smart WiFi A/C controller

WiFi controller

Easy setup ( requires bracket )

IFTTT recipes

Apple / Google app


Indoor/Outdoor Temperature sensor

WiFi enabled

2 sensors ( inside / outside )

Easy setup

Apple / Google App


Nest Cam Indoor

HiDef / WiFi

Nest / Alexa compatible

2 way audio

Apple / Google app

and more..


Additional bracket

For WiFi A/C controller

For WiFi Temperature sensor

Only 1 needed

Easy self-install


Winter Door

Coming soon..


Wheel Package

Replaces standard legs


Heavy Duty




WiFi range extender

Powerline edition

Easy Wi-Fi boost

Requires bracket

Apple / Google App



Coming soon…

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Give us a call to order or click the “Contact Us” link, if you would like assistance in determining prices for your desired configuration.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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